Pipe bending and rod machining

Pipe and rod bending:
a work performed with innovative machines and techniques.

In our company we have NC pipe and wire bending machines that shape wire, bend pipes and others that bend rods. All the pipe benders are multiple radius electric machines: an innovative decision that we at PLAN took to minimize energy consumption and increasingly safeguard the environment. In addition, all the pipe and wire benders are customizable with specific equipment.

Pipe bending.

We use this type of mechanical machining to obtain pipes of certain shapes and to create structures.

Rod machining.

Metal rods are increasingly used in various sectors, from furniture to automotive, and in many more.

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Rod machining


Pipe bending

Work control and optimization,

to reduce waste considerably.

Controlled machining management, thanks to constant control and the experience of our staff, allow us to reduce waste considerably: an advantage not only for PLAN, but also for our customers, who benefit from the reduction of production costs and work optimization.