Pipe laser cutting: effective for every need.

To cut different shaped and sized pipes and special profiles, we use pipe laser cutting, a technique that facilitates the processing of materials and optimizes the production chain, thus minimizing production times and unnecessary waste.
Precision and accurate controls guarantee the integrity of the machined materials, which are immediately usable in the various sectors.
Laser cutting is ideal for making notches, holes, slots, joints, connections, staggered joints also including complex contours, cuts-bends, as well as flawlessly cutting materials and complying with high-quality standards.

Fibre optic
laser technology.

At PLAN we use fibre laser cutting machines, which ease and optimize cutting due to their precision. This laser cutting system is convenient also because it can be performed on different materials such as steel and stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminium and copper, as well as having an almost one hundred times higher yield compared to traditional CO2 laser cutting. Versatile and effective, we use fibre optic laser cutting to cut or machine pipes and laminates, in various profiles or sections, for diverse applications, from furniture to industry.

Fibre laser cutting can be performed on different materials:

  • IRON
A state-of-the-art cut, to give the best.

Fibre optic laser cutting also allows our company to perform complex machining and linear and circular cuts.

By using laser for cutting, we avoid machining waste and defects, and reduce production costs.

taglio laser tubo

Because of new technologies, accompanied by experience and updated staff, we deliver clean and professionally machined products, without taking anything for granted.