Workshop machining


Shearing and moulding.

We use hydraulic presses in PLAN for these types of workshop machining.

You may be interested in our laser cutting:

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We also carry out drilling of parts, a process that involves the removal of chips to make holes on different materials.



Another chip removal machining process we perform is the threading of holes with various types of taps and dies.



For this type of process, also used for material deformation, we use calenders, which have multiple rollers through which the pieces to be machined pass, on the basis of the bending requested.

You may also be interested in our bending process and wire bending:

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Workshop machining:

added value for our customers.

At PLAN we have chosen not to overlook workshop machining to provide our customers with a complete service: meeting their needs in the timeliest and most efficient manner; indeed, it makes us very proud of our work and always willing to offer our best.